Yes I can hear you thinking, another post about Ibiza, but I need to show you my purchases right?!

Ibiza is a really good island to do some shopping, you have a lot of beautifull boutiques in Evisa,( the 'capital' city), and ofcourse when you"ll ever go to Ibiza you"ll have to visit one of the famous hippie markets. I went to the hippie market in Las Dallias, you can better go by evening cause it's not that warm anymore and less busy! On the hippie market you can find all kind of stuff like; hats, boots , scarves, jewelry, art and many more! It's like a hippie walhalla!!! You will see the commercial stands, but also the stands with the original hippie people, they are so kind.



First things first, sorry for the lack of update's lately.
I'ts been a pretty busy week overall.
I've started with painting my room ( pics will follow when it's finished).
I've been partying at Sensation Innerspace all night long last saturday night, i think everybody around the world knows Sensation right?!
And last but not least i'm very proud that I can tell you that i'm graduated!!!
Next year I will start with a new training: Fashion stylist, I can't wait!!!

For now I will leave you with a little D.I.Y.

I've been cutting my baggy jeans in to shorts, since i'm not that in to baggy jeans anymore but ik like baggy shorts though!